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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Special privilege Halal/Muslim and Kosher/Jewish religious diets in provincial jails

It is one thing to have religious freedoms and it is quite another to have special religious privileges such as turbans with an RCMP uniform or accepted head dress in The Legion or a kirpan dagger or sword to be   carried as part of a religious belief in the so called free world but  in  jail when freedom is lost and people are there to be punished certain people get special privileges as well?

In provincial jails everybody is supposed to have the same diet and basic calorie requirements so we are not talking about gourmet meals here,  people fight over more food, make trades to get more and sell their souls for an extra portion for generic small portioned not very good meals of processed meat that is one step up from dog food unless you are Jewish or Muslim.

To begin with over 90% of our  food supply is Kosher, if you look in your refrigerator or cupboards you will find the small Kosher symbol (COR in a circle for Canadian Orthodox Rabbis, MK for Montreal Kosher in Canada and K in a circle for Kosher or U in a circle for Union of Orthodox Rabbis (USA)) on most things that we pay a secret Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax on to make our food Kosher for Jews that make up 3% of our population.

So why then is there a special Kosher diet in provincial jails? If you want more and better food with organic whole meats and such you can become what i like to call a "Jail  Jew". You put in a request form tell them you are Jewish and a Rabbi will come in and ask you a couple basic religious questions and then your on the Kosher diet gravy train.

Muslims go through the same process and they get a magic carpet to supposedly pray on but most just use them to spruce up their cell with a Persian rug and will bring them out onto the range and sit on them (real  Muslims would  probably stab them if they saw this) because all seats are concrete and steel so "Jail Muslims" have comfy seats and the rest of the jail population can barely get away with bringing out a towel to  sit on. The Halal diet is a similar privilege as the Kosher diet, better quality  food.

To question this could get you a beating by the guards. True story, in a certain Super Jail in Southern Ontario somebody had a Persian cellmate that was Iranian and had the Halal diet and he did not practice the religion just had the Koran but  did not pray etc., one day on a Wednesday was supposed to be pizza day for lunch according  to the menu and people would laugh because it was fake potato slivers with a slice of fake processed colbassa covered with a pinch of cheese and tomato sauce, when lunch came the Muslim cellmate got an actual real  pizza to Halal specifications so the regular white Canadian cellmate put in a complaint about this on a  request form then a few hours later a guard nicknamed Handlebars calls out this person's name and walks up to him and says "did you write this?" the inmate said "yes" guard says "is this a joke?" inmate says "no" then the inmate sensed some hostility and prepared for a possible beating then the guard who looks like a big skinhead goes off on some liberal-hippie-commie starving children in Africa speech and that they should be thankful to be fed etc then he left and then a female guard walked up to him before she left and said they would have been beaten up if  she was not there.

Another prime example of Social Communism and certain people having special privileges in a country  their forefathers did not build or fight for.

yours truly,

Kevin Goudreau

Chairman, White Nationalist Front


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