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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Israeli Apartheid, Ok for the Jews but not for the rest of the world???

The British Partition Treaty of 1947 which was originally the idea of Hermann Goering as the Final Solution to be the creation of a homeland for the Jews in Madagascar later adopted by the British to place them in Palestine after the war put the Jews in control of the country of Palestine, changed the name to Israel and they became the oppressors, overlords of the Palestinians and bullies of their Arab/Persian neighbors.

    An openly racist, segregated, Apartheid state Israeli Jews have become what they claim to hate, they took what they learned from the German national socialists and put the ideas into practice in Israel.

    It was wrong for the South African Boers, it was wrong for the Germans and wrong for us and the rest of the world but yet it is publicly accepted to be ok for Jews by the world. Why? Because of Zionist influence in world governments, education, music movies and media.

    Why is that when the world is in the midst of nuclear non-proliferation treaties and disarmament the USA gives Israel 80 nuclear warheads among other things to hold the middle east hostage including all the other free military goodies given to them also all the Arab/Persian nations around them in the middle east are not even allowed to have nuclear power? Using their influence in countries like the USA to be the enforcers for Israel.

    To speak the truth, to question it and to expose this truth and hypocrisy is almost crime now. How did this happen? Why did we let this happen to us?

    We want the same!!! Why is it ok for them to have a racial state where gentiles/non-jews are not welcome (unless your going there to give them free stuff and aid of some sort) and not for us?

yours truly,

Kevin Goudreau

Chairman, White Nationalist Front