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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our Heritage! Our Homeland!

We are not just outnumbered in the world with the white race only being 13% of the world's entire population but in our own country as well! Not only are we loosing our heritage and traditions like Christmas and their holidays starting to overshadow ours but our sacred institutions are being disrespected with non-white traditions like walking in to the Legion with their religious garb mixing and matching their garb with uniforms like tarnishing an RCMP uniform by wearing a turban, their churches popping up everywhere we look and our country is walked all over and spit on like the dirty non-white ghettos of Toronto where white Canadians that were born here walk through with fear and loathing in a city which is now 52% non-white while we hand them money, free leases on cars, free daycare, business grants until they commit criminal acts them we pay to keep them in a our fancy expensive jails and prisons then send em back and then they just come right back into Canada repeatedly. The white population of Toronto has dwindled due to the influx of non-white immigrants and our people have fled to rural areas, small towns and cities in fear of these non-white hordes. It is time to take a stand and tell them THIS IS OUR HERITAGE! THIS OUR HOMELAND! WE WILL TAKE IT BACK AND WE SHALL STAND AND FIGHT!


  1. Sadly even the smaller towns are having their traditions shat on. I wouldn't describe myself as religious, but I'll be damned if if I'm going to spit on my forefathers achievements.