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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Communist Chinese Invasion On All Fronts

    Not only are we being flooded by non-whites in record numbers and most of those from China, The Middle East and Asia Minor but also an economic invasion. We were almost proud of our government with it's new immigration reforms which are a step in the right direction even though a baby step but a step nonetheless then as we look on in astonishment at this great advance we get Pearl Harboured and slapped in the back of the head from behind with our government approving the biggest takeover of our 2 main oil companies by China and Malaysia not only are we selling our souls to allow Chinese immigrants to come here in exchange for business and trade deals but now we are selling our main booming nonrenewable natural resources then saying that's it, that's the last deal of this nature, somehow I'm not inclined to believe the government. Time to stop the Red and Yellow invasion!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Liberal Media Blackout about 10,000 Russian Nationalists march in Moscow.

What the Liberal Media doesn't want you to know.


Russian Nationalists March in Moscow

Russian Nationalists March in MoscowRussian Nationalists March in MoscowYoung boys at nationalist march in central Moscow
20:09 04/11/2012
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MOSCOW, November 4 (Marc Bennetts, RIA Novosti) - Thousands of Russian nationalists and ultra-conservative Orthodox activists marched along a central Moscow embankment on Sunday to protest mass immigration and demand tougher internal travel restrictions on people from the country’s mainly Muslim North Caucasus.
“Russia for Russians, Moscow for Muscovites,” chanted protesters, many with their faces covered by scarves or surgical masks, as a police helicopter hovered above. Police said 25 people were arrested for displaying Nazi symbols as the march started.
“Immigrants show no interest in assimilating into Russian society,” said Sergei, a 25-year-old office worker, who declined to give his surname. “If things don’t change, we could see massive ethnic clashes,” he said, as protesters gathered opposite Gorky Park.
Police said some 6,000 people had attended Sunday’s approved march, but organizers put this figure at 10,000.
Unsanctioned nationalist rallies also took place across the country, with dozens of arrests reported in St. Petersburg, the Tatar capital, Kazan, and Yekaterinburg in the Urals.
Russia’s myriad nationalist groups have gathered every year in Moscow on National Unity Day since the public holiday was instituted in 2005. But this is the first time in four years the so-called “Russian March” has been held in the city center.
Sunday’s march, which wound past the Christ the Savior Cathedral, was headed by religious activists wearing black “Orthodoxy or death” t-shirts and holding aloft religious icons and crosses.
“I am against immigration,” said Leonid Simonovich-Nikshich, the white-bearded head of the militant Union of Orthodox Banner-Bearers movement. “And I am against the idea of tolerance and political correctness – the Bible makes no mention of tolerance.”
There was no violence reported on the march, but leftist activists later said they had been attacked by a group of about 30 nationalists at a metro station near Red Square.
“Nationalists chanting ‘Glory to Russia!’ attacked my fellow anti-fascist activists and threw one of them onto the tracks,” Revolutionary Socialist Movement member Isabel Magkoeva told RIA Novosti. She said three activists had been taken to hospital after the attack. A Moscow police spokesperson said they had received no reports of violence at the station.
The head of Russia’s Federation of Migrants Muhammad Amin Majumder slammed last week the decision to allow nationalists to rally in the city center on National Unity Day.

“The march could split society,” he told RIA Novosti. “There are millions of Russians who do not share the nationalists’ views.”

Racial tensions in Russia have been exacerbated by mass labor immigration from former-Soviet Central Asian republics such as Tajikistan, and by frequent clashes in Moscow and other major cities between ethnic Russians and youths from the North Caucasus.

Nationalists point to high crime rates among illegal immigrants as proof that the Kremlin’s migration policies have failed. Moscow investigators said earlier this year that illegal immigrants were responsible for around one-third of reported rapes in the city.

Anger over how the police handled the investigation into the killing of ethnic Russian football fan Yegor Sviridov by a group of youths from the North Caucasus resulted in some 5,000 nationalists and football hooligans rioting outside the Kremlin walls in December 2010. Nationalist groups also accuse the Kremlin of seeking to pacify the volatile North Caucasus region with disproportionate federal budget funding.

The police have claimed success at breaking up neo-Nazi groups in the Moscow region. But race-hate crime figures remain high: 20 people were killed and at least 130 wounded in racially motivated attacks across Russia last year, according to the Sova center for research into nationalism and racism.

Some at Sunday’s march even expressed sympathy with Anders Breivik, the ultra-right Norwegian terrorist who in 2011 killed over 70 people, many of them teenagers, in what he called an attempt to save the country from multiculturalism.

“What else could he do?” said Igor Baranov, a 20-year-old student. “It was a cry of desperation. The same thing could easily happen here if the authorities don’t act.”

President Vladimir Putin has described himself as a nationalist, and in January pledged to crack down on “aggressive, provocative and disrespectful” internal migrants who fail to respect “the customs of the Russian people.”

But he also warned against promoting the creation of a “mono-ethnic, national Russian state,” calling it “the shortest path to both the destruction of the Russian people and Russia’s sovereignty.” However, an opinion poll carried out in August by the independent, Moscow-based Levada Center indicated that 41 percent of Russians agree to some extent with the nationalist slogan “Russia - only for Russians.”

Opposition figurehead Alexei Navalny, who spoke at last year’s Russian March, apparently sought to distance himself from this year’s event. His spokeswoman said last week that while Navalny, head of the anti-Putin movement’s newly formed opposition council, would attend, he was not planning to address the crowd. But Navalny tweeted on the eve of this year’s march that he had come down with “flu.”
Ethnic Russians ‘Suffering’
“Putin may be an ethnic Russian, but he does not operate in the interests of his own people,” said Vladimir Tor, one of the organizers of the march, when RIA Novosti visited him in his plush downtown Moscow office ahead of the event. “He acts in the interests of the oligarchs and his own security elite, people from the former KGB.”
“Ethnic Russians are suffering,” added Tor, 44, one of the five nationalists in the opposition council. “All other ethnic groups in our country have their own republic within Russia, but there is no republic for ethnic Russians.”
Tor’s National Democratic Party said earlier this year that the party had been “almost entirely cleansed of so-called skinhead elements” and Tor, an articulate, well-dressed businessman with a neat goatee, has little in common with popular images of far-right thugs.

But his rhetoric is familiar, echoing the ideas of nationalist groups across Europe.
“I am absolutely against immigration,” he said, sitting in front of a large map of Russia. “Sociological studies demonstrate that mass immigration from countries with different cultures, ethnic groups, and religious beliefs causes problems.”
“We can see this most clearly right now in France, where we see a conflict between the traditional population and immigrants from Africa and the Arab world,” he goes on. “It’s possible that Europe has crossed the point of no return, as far as immigration goes. We do not wish Russia to share the same fate.”
And although he condemned the race-hate violence that has claimed the lives of over 200 people of “non-Slavic appearance” since 2008, Tor said the killings amounted to “an insignificant” proportion of the some 30,000 murders that take place in Russia each year.
“It would be really surprising, actually, if they did not occur,” he said.
Tor stressed that large-scale race-hate disturbances would be unavoidable if the Kremlin fails to address the concerns that millions of Russians have over immigration.
“I would prefer this problem to be resolved by parliamentary means. And I see no reason why it cannot be,” he said. “But the fewer the legal means to solve the issue, the more violence there is on the streets.”

Monday, November 5, 2012

Immigration and language

It has come to light recently from the 2011 census statistics that Canada's two official languages French and English are on the decline while Tagalog (Philippines), Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese, Korean, and Punjabi are on the rise.

     China being the number one source of non-European immigrants these days due to our government taking in so many of their dissident population in exchange for favourable trade deals instead of fighting Communism so they would not want to leave so badly are crowding our west coast with other Asian populations.

    Many non-European immigrants come from the middle east due to to Israeli oppression and occupation and the interference of western powers on the behalf of Israel to depose leaders and topple governments any threat to Israeli occupation of Palestine and parts of Egypt, Lebanon and Syria besides getting the rich oil fields and construction contracts from UN air strikes.

    It is time to let our governments know we will no longer be the willing lackeys of the Nazi state of Israel and the Zionist influenced USA to fight their battles so we do not create more radical Islamic states and creating a dissident population that want to migrate here first. Instead perhaps we should help to covertly undermine Communism in China and imposing a trade embargo like they do to oil rich anti-Zionist states in the middle east so that their populations will not flood our nation.

    Why? Because this is Our Heritage! Our Homeland!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Racial Holy War

    If you want to call it RaHoWa (Racial Holy War) or Jihad it is happening all over the world and in Canada. We are in the midst of WW III even though smaller in scale has been raging on in the Middle East for over a decade with the invasion of Iraq in the first Gulf War then Afghanistan, Libya to the present western sponsored and inspired overthrow of governments like Egypt, Libya and Syria are the latest in the flames of this Jihad escalating into global terrorism and world war.

    With these wars raging on and a Middle East on fire engulfed in war and hatred for the West and White European Infidels due to our meddling and political satire about Muhammad and Islam in our somewhat more free democratic countries it is not only resulting in bloodshed, murder of western soldiers and diplomats, the Jihad in the Mid-East is spilling over into the western world thanks to the open floodgates of our borders allowing the invasion of non-white hostile alien enemy forces of every race to just walk in then give them more rights and privileges than its indigenous established citizens, starting to outnumber us in the urban areas so when there are riots, looting and murders by these hordes the police and military are paralyzed and outnumbered and the government just stands by and allows it to happen because of corrupt Liberal politicians and sinister goals of greedy left wing extremists and profiteers.

     Are we to sit idly by to watch this happen and allow the safety and security of our white nations be compromised by a hostile imported population that doesn't want to be here? That disrespects our culture, heritage, institutions and our laws! We try to help them and make their countries safe so they do not come here in droves but yet they still come knowing they can use us and send our money back to insurgents instead of going back home to fight for themselves as they should. Refugees? Refugees in fear of their lives that go back to visit their homelands often?

    Time to stand up and tell our governments in open protest, letter writing campaigns (but be careful of how you word things you may end up in jail wrongfully like patriot Brad Love) marches and lobbying to stop immigration of non-Europeans into our nations to subvert, pollute and dilute our gene pool. Time to make a stand and save Our Heritage! Our Homeland!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Special Privileges part II

It just never stops does it? How Canada bows to the special privileges of non-white immigrants that weren't even born here and now they can have a big knife in a courtroom when white Canadians cannot even bring in cellphones, a knife of any kind, pocket knife or anything of that nature such as scissors! If your not white you can walk around with a big dagger even in a court room besides all the other perks or being a non-white immigrant such as free grants, free cars, free daycare, wear whatever they want in the Royal Canadian Legion, wear whatever they want with any Canadian government uniform like the RCMP, Police etc. What's next? This is beyond ridiculous!

The Commissars of Human Rights Commission aka KGB need to be stopped and are to be considered enemies of the state for collaborating with hostile invading alien enemy forces and charged with high treason and all be put to death by hanging for aiding and facilitating the invasion of non-whites into Canada and helping to destroy and subvert the fabric of Canada and our values while persecuting true Canadians in witch hunts like the KGB aka Thought Police with its agents holding the original white European immigrants and their descendants thoughts and actions hostage in favour of non-white immigrants and their invading cultural onslaught and the demise of our heritage and culture. The HRC needs to be dissolved/disbanded, our Constitution re-written and section 319 of the criminal code repealed, the Charter Of Rights repealed and a referendum held to make these changes and those held accountable for these travesties and shortsightedness for the inception of these laws and commissions.

Kirpans now allowed in Ontario courts

By ,Toronto Sun
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TORONTO - Sikhs will now be allowed to bring their ceremonial daggers into Toronto courthouses following a landmark settlement between the Ontario Human Rights Commission and three law enforcement bodies.
The Toronto Police Service, Toronto Police Services Board and the Ministry of the Attorney General have reached a watershed settlement with the OHRC that will allow those of the Sikh faith to carry kirpans into all public areas of the city’s courthouses.
The decision follows two separate complaints to the OHRC on the issue since 2006.
“This is the first time a formal kirpan policy has been (developed), said Balpreet Singh of the World Sikh Organization of Canada, which was also a party to the agreement. “It is a balance between the Sikh faith and security concerns that might arise as a result of the kirpan,”
Singh said Toronto may very well be the first Canadian city to formalize such a policy
According to OHRC spokesman Afroze Edwards, police will be revising court-security procedures so devout Sikhs wearing the small ceremonial blades will be allowed to enter.
The new procedure’s final approval is pending an “individualized risk assessment” that could include determining why the person is there, the kind of cases being heard, and if the person has been involved in past circumstances that could lead to violence.
Police spokesman Mark Pugash, however, wouldn’t comment on the possibility the latter could mean background checks.
“It depends on what (court officers) are dealing with,” Pugash said. “They have ... flexibility to make sure people in courts are protected.”
A Sikh wishing to enter a courthouse must now tell court officers they are wearing a kirpan and must be wearing the religion’s other four articles of faith, as well. They must also be wearing the blade under clothing and must not have a kirpan longer than 7.5 inches in total.
The kirpan, a sword-like dagger, is one of five articles of faith that pious Sikhs wear. The other items include a wooden comb called a kangha worn under the turban, a metal bracelet called a kara, underwear called kachhera, and long, unshorn hair referred to as kesh.
Police chief Bill Blair says his force “worked very close” with the OHRC to accommodate kirpans in courthouses.
“My responsibility is to maintain the safety in our courtrooms,” Blair said. “And I’m quite confidant that we’ll be able to do our job ... based on the...resolution we’ve come to with respect to the kirpan in the courtrooms.”
The settlement was prompted by two separate complaints filed to the OHRC by kirpan-wearing Sikhs who were refused entry into courthouses.
In December of 2008, a man summoned for jury duty at the University Avenue courthouse informed an officer he was wearing a kirpan. He was allowed to enter, but was refused re-entry after leaving the building for lunch.
The second incident took place in February 2006 when a female college student on a class trip to the Old City Hall courthouse was refused entry for wearing her kirpan. After explaining to court officers her faith dictated she must not be separated from the blade, the officers examined the kirpan, but still deemed it prohibited.
—Files by Chris Doucette.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our Heritage! Our Homeland!

We are not just outnumbered in the world with the white race only being 13% of the world's entire population but in our own country as well! Not only are we loosing our heritage and traditions like Christmas and their holidays starting to overshadow ours but our sacred institutions are being disrespected with non-white traditions like walking in to the Legion with their religious garb mixing and matching their garb with uniforms like tarnishing an RCMP uniform by wearing a turban, their churches popping up everywhere we look and our country is walked all over and spit on like the dirty non-white ghettos of Toronto where white Canadians that were born here walk through with fear and loathing in a city which is now 52% non-white while we hand them money, free leases on cars, free daycare, business grants until they commit criminal acts them we pay to keep them in a our fancy expensive jails and prisons then send em back and then they just come right back into Canada repeatedly. The white population of Toronto has dwindled due to the influx of non-white immigrants and our people have fled to rural areas, small towns and cities in fear of these non-white hordes. It is time to take a stand and tell them THIS IS OUR HERITAGE! THIS OUR HOMELAND! WE WILL TAKE IT BACK AND WE SHALL STAND AND FIGHT!