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Thursday, January 20, 2011


MYTH #1:
High levels of immigration are required to ensure Canada's prosperity.
The facts:
A country's prosperity does not depend on a growing population or workforce. This is particularly true in the case of Canada since we are a trading nation and do not require an increasingly large domestic market to achieve economies of scale. Our prosperity depends rather on sound economic policies that stimulate productivity, make good use of capital investment and maximize the potential of the existing workforce.

MYTH #2:
With an aging population and lower fertility rates, Canada needs high levels of immigration to provide the workers and tax base required to support social services for retirees.
The facts:
While it is true Canadians are living longer and having fewer babies, research shows that immigration has almost no impact on offsetting the costs of an aging population. Immigrants themselves grow old and draw on social support services while on average they have families as small as those of other Canadians.
For immigrants to make a net contribution to the support of social services, they would have to pay more in taxes than they receive in benefits. In recent years this has not been the case as newcomers have usually earned substantially less than native-born Canadians and have drawn significantly more in social services than they have paid in taxes.
The only ways to deal with the effects of an aging population involve increases in productivity and raising the age of retirement to accord with improvements in the population's health and longevity.

MYTH #3:
Canada is sparsely populated and can support a much larger population.
The facts:
Despite Canada's large surface area, much of it is not suited for human habitation. It would require a large input of food and energy for any significant number of people to live there and this would have both economic and environmental costs.
A large majority of recent immigrants have chosen to live in large cities, most notably Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, because of the wider range of social services, the higher quality of life, economic opportunities and the presence of relatives and immigrant communities in these locations.

This does not result in net benefits for most of the residents of these large cities and increases pressure on educational and health care facilities as well as adds to housing costs, commute times and environmental problems.

MYTH #4:
Canada needs large numbers of immigrants because it will face massive shortages of skilled labour in the coming decades.
The facts:
There will be no such shortages if more Canadians acquire the needed skills, which can be accomplished if wages, government policies and other conditions encourage them to do so and the jobs are not filled by immigrants. With a few exceptions-such as the present and temporaryshortage of medical workers-Canada has both the human resources and educational infrastructure to meet our skilled labour needs.

MYTH #5:
We need immigrants to do the jobs Canadians won't do.
The facts:

Sufficiently high wages will induce Canadians to fill all jobs needed in the economy. The increased use of capital and new technologies induced byhigher wages will raise workers' productivity enough so that employers can afford to pay the higher wages. The filling of these jobs by immigrants prevents such pay increases, which in turn causes more Canadians to live in poverty than would otherwise have been the case.
Dan Murray
Immigration Watch Canada


The Regular Masses Are The Recruiters

I have heard this far too many times: Skinheads brainwash people.

Haha!! Funny!! And also, nice try.

Right from kindergarden, the school system teaches us one way and one way only: MULTICULTURALISM. From the constant and repeatative enphasis on it, its difficult not to fall into this trap and develop your own beliefs. There are activities set up for us to learn and think the way they want and for the most part they have had their success in manipulating children to think like that.

Some examples of these activities are:

STAR (students together against racism)

Black History Month

And something at my old highschool called “the culture show”

They do this to us and start once we are old enough to go to school. At the age of only five years!! And it works on about 95% of the students because this is being drilled into our heads. Our minds are developing at this point in life and therefor these thaughts slowly develop in our minds the more we are told these faulse thaughts.

All throughout school I had always wondered why they would not focus on anti-white racism. And as I have grown up, I discovered why. They want it to stay hidden. We were shown movies in class and luckily for me I had discovered what life was really like at that point. And in the videos we had watched, I could see past every lie they tried to preach.

I consider myself lucky in this sence: when it came to the time called “recess”, that was more so when coloured persons characters started to shine. The white kids would be picked on for their skin colour and the teachers would do absolutely nothing about it. I was the older white kid who defended all the younger ones and got in trouble far too many times for it. Many trips to the principals office were taken by me for doing this. Whether I liked it or not, I knew that anti-white racism existed through experience. This is something that cannot be discovered in a classroom setting but rather when individuals go outside and discover it for themselves.

I also have my belief that the reason why the regulars condemn us to brainwashing others s simply to hide the goals that they have. Often times when someone accuses, they are hiding a characteristic of their own.

So people of the mainstream can believe all they want about us, but it only highlights the fact that they are not willing to turn off the TV and step outside to explore the real world. As long as this trend continues, they will never think outside of what the media and school has preached to them".
WNF Supporter