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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Our Duty For Endangered Species Protection

 We discovered an endangered bat flying around the house last-night, at first the misses freaked out and wanted it out but now I get to keep him and since its an endangered species im doing my environmental duty to protect it as I do my own kind.

Feeling a kinship to this wrongly demonized winged creature that is vital to our ecosystem and is on the endangered species list due to a fungus causing White Nose Syndrome destroying their population by 94% in recent years

Sound familiar? Sounds like the White Genocide killing off our species by forced Turd World immigration and forced race mixing breeding us out to extinction to currently 8% of the world's entire population.

We are endangered like my bat...

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Immigration Reformers Protesting Temporary Foreign Workers Programme Threatened by Anti-Racists

by: Paul Fromm

TORONTO. March 29, 2015. The long red on white banner proclaimed their message -- "Canadian Workers Come First" -- as some three dozen immigration reformers gathered this afternoon to protest a demonstration by an immigrant group pushing for temporary foreign workers to be allowed to stay indefinitely.

A group called the Migrant Workers Alliance for Change staged the protest against Temporary Foreign Workers and Live-In Caregivers being barred from working in the country for more than four years. This group also believes that all TFW's and Live-ins should remain here permanently.
The 60 or so members of this group were peaceful as they gathered outside the offices of Citizenship and Immigration Canada offices at 55 St. Clair Avenue, East.

Not so peaceful were about 7 or 8 "anti-racists" -- that's anti-White -- who screamed obscenities at the immigration reformers organized by Immigration Watch Canada. Some were masked with bandannas -- typical of "anti-racist" goons in North America and Europe.

Some of these "anti-racists" tried to block the "Canadian Workers Come First Banner". One particularly strident female in a long scarf charged at one of the women in the Immigration Watch Canada ranks and had to be deterred.

Police sought to maintain order and escorted several IWC members to their cars when they were followed and threatened by the "anti-racists".

Close to 1,000 flyers were distributed in the area calling for an end to the TFW Programme which floods Canada with 500,000 foreigners at a time when unemployment tops 1.5-million and another 900,000 Canadians, according to Statistics Canada, are involuntarily locked into part-time jobs.
"There is no skills or labour shortage," IWC organizer Ryan explained,"just a cheap labour shortage." It's time to let Canadians have jobs instead of catering to greedy employers seeking to suppress wages.