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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leftwing Terrorists

"After years of leftist organizations protesting certain issues and intimidating their enemies, perhaps it is time that we expose them and highlight their real goals and motives. Groups such as SHARP, RASH, ARA and Anti- Fa have been roaming the streets, making websites and recruiting members into their organizations for some time now while trying to promote a message against racism. The question we must all ask: Is that their true motive? Or are they hiding something behind this propaganda? After many RASH and anarchist members were arrested at the G20 summit, it is not a total stretch of the imagination to assume that there is another motive within their movements. Large numbers of these individuals have been arrested, charged and convicted of violent acts and vandalism throughout the city. They have spray painted walls in the outside areas and attacked innocent people in the past. It seems that these leftist organizations are fond of gang beatings and attacking individuals with more of a number on their side. Our mission is to expose them for what they truly intend and to potentially welcome them to be productive members of society, instead of a youth terrorist group under the disguise of anti- racist activism"

WNF Supporter Toronto