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Monday, August 10, 2020

BLM= Burn Loot Murder

 BLM=Burn Loot Murder 

First off this isn't even a racial issue of the police accidentally killing a convicted criminal that happens to be black since 3 out of 4 police officers involved are not white, black, Mexican and Asian.

From a black Reverend

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Wuhan Virus, deaths that could have been prevented and a wake up call for Canadians of all political affiliation

    In a logical world of reason with the absence of being politically correct after the first reported death there would have logically been an immediate travel ban to and from China and proper medical screening and quarantine.

   Trudeau's love and respect for the Chinese Communist dictatorship and trade agreements the government chose to drag their heels and be one of the last to impose any type of measures to stop the spread of a virus that kills.

    This is a wake up call, whats more important, the safety of our elderly and children or not wanting to be called racist or make China angry over trade agreements that should be halted anyways?   

Thursday, January 30, 2020

ANTIFA : EXPOSED How and Where Antifa Organize , and how they are funded

ANTIFA : EXPOSED  How and Where Antifa Organize , and how they are funded

Hello and welcome back. So far, I have shown you how dangerous Antifa is , how they use media to promote their violence and hate , and have shown you that they are in fact the REAL racist organization they claim everyone else is . I have shown you some of physical weapons they use to enact terrorism upon the public.  In this article , I will explain to everyone how they organize and where , and how they are funded ... and you will be surprised  ( or not ) as to where some of their money comes from . 

Antifa is not like a corporation with head offices , board of directors , shareholders and retail outlets. They are a domestic terrorist organization that wants to force YOU into believing in a communist state , where YOUR rights would be non existent , and THEIR rights, wants , desires and actions would be rule of  " law "  Antifa is not a single based , single focused organization . Rather , they employ various methods ,  means and messages to terrorize the public  . They have different " branches " and different leaders  who specialize in these areas , to create a network of terror . I will expand on the leaders in another article because it is vast and nation wide, focusing in different areas. 

You will recall that in my very first story, I linked you to this film which I proclaimed as being a good and  an accurate representation of todays anarchist / antifa terrorist organization and some of the ways they operate . Yes, it is a Hollywood styled film , however, it is remarkably accurate in many things , including how they operate as an organization . One thing that was prevalent through the film , and in reality , was how church's are a main stay  to provide " sanctuary " to these organizations . Some of these domestic terrorist organizations are even provided  actual " office space to them by these radical churches.  

OCAP , the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty  another one of these specialized domestic terrorist organization , uses the sanctuary of the church to conduct their " business " I will expand on OCAP at a later date , but I wanted to show here how selected churches are  using their facilities to harbor and possibly even provide church  logistical services to further the cause of these terrorists.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Anti-Racist Canada the Antifa terrorist organization linked libelous disinformation blogger Nosferatu200 has been doxxed, Kurt Philips

Anti-Racist Canada aka Nosferatu200 the Antifa terrorist organition linked libelous disinformation blogger has been finally doxxed, name Kurt Philips, gay commie Catholic School teacher teaches social studies in Drumheller Alberta.

Best part is Nosferatu aka Kurt Philips of ARC was named in a lawsuit by traitor Elise Hategan against Bernie Farber and Canadian Anti-Hate Network. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The Helping Hands of Charis a new Nationalist based charity named after the Greek goddesses of charity.

The Helping Hands of Charis a new Nationalist based charity named after the Greek goddesses of charity, The Charities or Charis in singular to give a helping hand to Euro-Canadians in need especially around the Christmas/Yule holiday season.

A fund to help our fellow people with food, single mothers with baby food and diapers, hydro bills, gas bills, gas for or car repairs, Christmas presents, phone bill.

Helping former political prisoners with housing and getting set up and settled by the Helping Hands of Charis, year round! Contact me.

I will be setting up GoFundMe accounts for people in need as they come and coordinate the help where needed if people in your area you can just bring food and whatever is needed in person etc

Monday, November 25, 2019

Join the Eco-Nationalism movement

  Join us Eco-Nationalists to bring back nature's balanced order aka the Force, heal mother earth by curing her of the cancers and viruses of plastics and Cultural Marxism like virulent infections, we are nature's immune system as nature's finest mechanism, antibodies to restore all to good health and perfect balance. If we are to survive we must correct all imbalances of demographics and eco-sytems at all costs and not a carbon tax for mostly natural occurring climate change due to 10,000 year natural shifting of the Earth's axis changing climate.