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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Attempted Peace Bond and harrassment against me by Richard Warman and Canadian Anti-Hate Network case remanded.

Good times in Ottawa with Paul Fromm, good meeting yesterday and of course my case for peace bond today by Canadian Anti-Hate Network, Richard Warman is remanded till August. Phase one to striking down attempted peace bond is complete. His insidious evil plan will be thwarted then. 

I'd like to thank everyone that donated to my legal defence fund, you know who you are. Especially I'd like to thank my benefactor and legal advisor Paul Fromm that I still owe for this trip to Ottawa to battle this harassment from Richard Warman and Canadian Anti-Hate Network and making it possible, anyone that says that Paul Fromm is about money is a liar, he is for the cause, freedom of speech and civil liberties and not about donations, he spends more on the cause than he gets in donations going to bat for people.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Teaching unscientific lies about Gender Dysphoria a mental disorder aka Transgender in schools should be Illegal

Teaching unscientific lies about Gender Dysphoria a mental disorder aka Transgender in schools should be Illegal.

    Everyone knows there are only two sexes, male and female with the exception perhaps of Hermaphrodites that are .05% of the population. Gender Dysphoria a mental disorder has no biological or physical scientific basis it is in the mind perhaps some are confused about sexuality and they are actually gay, they may be unattractive to the opposite sex so they try to become the opposite sex or they are just feeding into this new fad of being transgender to get attention and to stand out. In the old days you grew your hair long or got a mohawk then there was Goths then Emo with effeminate boys. This new Cultural Marxist social construct of fictional genders is praying on and twisting young minds with low self esteem and already confused by many things.

    The parents of a six-year-old Ottawa girl have filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal because of her teacher’s odd ideas on gender theory.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Quebec's new immigration and religious symbols laws we will lobby the next government to make them National Federal laws.

Quebec's new immigration and religious symbols laws we will lobby the next government to make them National Federal laws. These laws are fair and logical.

What's in the new laws?

  The new secularism law, once known as Bill 21, makes it illegal to wear religious symbols at work if you're a public school teacher, a police officer, a judge, a prison guard, a wildlife officer, a Crown prosecutor or if you work as a lawyer for the government. It applies to other jobs too.

    The legislation also lays out the rules requiring citizens to uncover their faces to receive a public service for identification or security purposes.

The immigration law, tabled as Bill 9, allows the government to throw out a backlog of roughly 16,000 skilled immigrant worker applications as the province moves toward a new, merit-based application system.
It also lays the groundwork for a Quebec values test that would-be immigrants will need to pass in order to become a permanent resident. 

Quebec Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette, left, is congratulated by Quebec Premier Fran├žois Legault after passing the CAQ secularism bill into law Sunday after a marathon session at the National Assembly.(Jacques Boissinot/The Canadian Press)

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Richard Warman the Anti-White, chronic whiner, criminal harasser of Nationalists attempting to gain a Restraining Order against Me

Richard Warman the Jewish, Anti-White, chronic whiner, criminal harasser of Nationalists attempting to gain a Restraining order against Me. It will not go anywhere, my legal counsel has said there is absolutely no legal grounds for a Peace Bond based on no facts. Alleging a threat against the Canadian Anti-Hate Network a mostly Jewish organization that stalks and harasses Nationalists claiming I counseled violence against them that was fiction fabricated by them exclusively as per their modus operandi contradicting our Disclaimer on the bottom this website. "The Canadian Nationalist Front in no way endorses, promotes, advocates, condones nor incites any acts of violence, hatred or illegal acts by it's members or anyone else." There is is no case or cause for a restraining order against myself for Richard Warman whom I do not wish any violence against him or have any Ill will or animosity towards. I have never counseled, incited or condone violence against Richard Warman or the Canadian Anti-Hate Network.

We will attend court with legal counsel and supporters to have the attempt struck down, there will be no Peace Bond

This is nothing more than a publicity stunt for donations and to gain legitimacy they lack with string of losses like the comedy act of going after Faith Goldy and questioning her campaign funds that were not in violation of any regulations.

They will lose again and look ridiculous, the Judge that allowed the application is already regretting it knowing the hearing will rule in my favour by first break.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Peterborough police, paramedics respond to 13 opioid-related overdoses, 2 deaths in 72 hours,Execute Drug Dealers!

    We need to be like China and bring back the death penalty for many crimes and to legally execute drug dealers charging them with attempted murder and murder or manslaughter that deal fentanyl, Purple Heroine,  heroin and harsher punishments for crystal meth and crack. China has no drug problem. Ironically fentanyl and carfentanil are made in China which is used to make Purple Heroine that are killing Canadians, I suggest we do what we do in South and Central America and carry out strategic air strikes against Chinese factories that produce these drugs to end it at the source.

    We must end the Methadone programs that is a more addictive and a dangerous substitute, its a multi-billion dollar industry for the "Legal Drug Dealers" paid for by taxpayers, where most addicts are on methadone for 10 years or more because they are allowed to bring their own doses up or down at will which kind of defeats the purpose of the program that they conned us into. I personally know a few people that have been on methadone for over a decade, the doctors should not be allowed to up[ their doses at all, it should only go down and should be off it in 6 months, instead if a junkie says they don't feel good their dose goes up however much they want. These doctors in methadone clinics should have their license revoked, they aren't helping anyone, doing more damage than good but filling their pocketbooks from kickbacks from the methadone producers, there is no oversight or proper laws to govern them.   

     needle exchange places need to be shut down because they are enabling junkies to use more with needles and crack-pipes, the only way in Canada you should be able to get free needles is through having a prescription for Diabetes in need of insulin for example. We need the death penalty to end this madness for people that import, manufacture and distribute these hard drugs and to be considered attempted murder or murder. Four acquaintances I know have died so far, one was my boss that had everything left behind a wife, kid and farmhouse in Norwood the other was just a friend that lived in my building and both I gave CPR to and tried to revive, Countless others lives iv met  ruined and failing health, missing teeth, livers shot and she died at 24 and all are on the brink of death because of these drugs. Kill your local drug dealer.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Elisa Hategan Traitor, Liar and Manipulator. Bernie Farber's Attention Seeking Lapdog Is Off Her Leash

    Elisa Hategan was an active White Nationalist in the 1990's in the Heritage Front which I was also a member and organizer of. She was a member, a speaker at times but now overplays her role in the HF and she had nothing to do with the fall of the Heritage Front that I ran a chapter of in the year 2000 almost a decade after she left the movement because she again sees herself as relevant to get attention. She turned against us not because of change in her beliefs or seeing the light but because she feared going to jail over some fliers that were distributed by her that she made without Heritage Front authorization that violated hate laws and then she lied and blamed the leadership and my friend Wolgang so she testified against the leadership in exchange for immunity from prosecution.  Once you testify against your own people no matter what affiliation or type of group there is no turning back and no forgiveness.

    Reminiscent of Salvatore 'Sammy The Bull" Gravano the hit man confessing to 19 murders that testified against John Gotti, made money and fame from it, telling people and his handlers like Farber what they wanted to hear and still committed crimes afterwards, no difference between Elisa types and Sammy.

    As others in the same situation like Brad Galloway that testified against his own to stay out jail like a coward will always run to the Jews like Bernie Farber (Former Leader of Canadian Jewish Congress) (Current Leader of CAHN) in charge of anti-racism groups for protection and help. In exchange they must convert to Judaism, say they are part Jewish or marry a Jew with promises of book deals, paid speaking engagements, fame and whatever job they want.

    A former anti-racist Alicia Reckzin that turned against white nationalism because her heart was broken by two white nationalists turned on us and went through a leftist phase for about 15 years before coming back to us and she told us how Bernie Farber and his people operate and treat gentiles taking control of them, their minds and their narratives. They are told what to say, how to act and to make up lies like saying "White Nationalists target people that are seeking belonging that don't fit in and praying on their fears" as Elisa Hategan parrots what she is told to say like a good lap dog. Alica said how she was ostracized experienced racism by Jewish Supremacists like Bernie Farber and on the outside being treated badly and with scorn by the B'nai Brith and the Canadian Jewish Congress (Bernie Farber) because she was Scottish/Welsh (Reckzin is her Polish stepfather's name) and a Buddhist and refused to play ball by not converting to Judaism, saying shes part Jewish or marrying a Jew so her speaking engagements stopped and she was run out by Farber and book deal canceled all because she didn't want to identify with Judaism so she went off on her own still organizing as a leftist until she came back to us again.   

    In all our organizational meetings we have never discussed targeting anyone, especially people seeking belonging, we want the opposite, people that are strong and independent that think for themselves, we don't and never wanted people with low self esteem. We never discussed exploiting peoples fears, people like Elisa are told to say those things to spread disinformation and undermine our movement , pretty much anything she and others like her say is an outright lie and fabrication, we know they don't actually believe their own lies unless people like Elisa are losers with low self esteem seeking attention and belonging as she obviously is that type but it is not a quality we want or look for she was just attracted to us we did not seek her out nor do we actively seek out people like that, we want strong quality members, we aren't seeking quantity. 

    Nobody knows what Elisa or others like her actually believe because they are just out for themselves, seeking attention, fame and fortune. Alicia Reckzin that went through that anti-racist/anti-white phase said her beliefs never actually changed and she was more vehemently White Nationalist during her time with Farber, doing anti-racist speaking engagements and organizing events, she had her heart broken, had put members in jail so she felt trapped because there was no going back but was was given forgiveness and was welcomed back into the fold for a short time.

   Elisa claiming daddy issues looking for a father figure traded Wolfgang for Daddy Farber, shes been a good obedient little girl repeating what Daddy Farber says by his command, Daddy says be a Jew and she obeyed, tow the party line of Social Communism, she did but now like a rebellious teenager tired of being told what to do and how to act shes off the leash and bit daddy's hand like she did to Wolfgang in a lawsuit basically saying Farber controlled her life and stole her identity and life story, Bad Elisa! Bad Bad Girl! Now shes doing her attention whore thing to be famous again and her money has dried up hence the lawsuit.

     Elisa is now suing another just like her that was also a former HF member Elisabeth Moore and Bernie Farber over a movie citing appropriation of her story but it could be loosely based on both of them from what I know of both of them as an anti-white propaganda tool.  Because of what they have done they feel trapped in the anti-racist fad, forced to be Jewish to make amends and stuck there meanwhile making money off it and competing for who's more famous or who is the bigger victim, its sad really.


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Social Communist Purge and Witch-Hunts of true Nationalist Patriots having the opposite effect they desire

    The Social Communist attempted Purge, Witch-Hunts, Persecution and Oppression of true Nationalist Patriots having the opposite effect they desire, strengthening our cause and public support!

    Since the recent tragic events in New Zealand which we publicly condemned afterward, the Social Communists, Leftists and Liberals have been using the tragedy to spread fear and hatred creating Nationaphobia for their own agendas pushing a delusional and false narrative of an imagined threat of Nationalist Patriot terrorism that has never happened in Canada with Newspeak words like White Supremacist and Hate Speech to categorize and stereotype anyone with right-wing Nationalist Patriot views that may be critical or have a different opinion of immigration policies, minority special privileges, and suppression of free speech or simply stating the truth and facts on those subjects.

     Extreme leftist-Social Communist hate groups like CAHN and Antifa/ARC working with the INGSOC like mainstream media outlets similar to The Ministry Of Truth (Ministry Of Lies) the propaganda machine for the Liberal/Socialist/Communist Government (Big Brother) in George Orwell's book 1984, have helped to Purge and attempted to Purge in Communist NKVD like style witch-hunts and help suppressing free speech of Nationalist Patriot Politicians, Police Officers, members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Professors and Public Servants is having the opposite effect they desire.

     Instead they have shown the formerly Silent Majority that support our cause in either in whole or in part that they are not alone or as isolated as they thought and in greater numbers in the ten of thousands across Canada willing to speak out publicly without fear of reprisals. Now our people are breaking the shackles of oppression in this culture of fear no longer afraid to show their support and act because now they see that we were right and for the past 20 years since true Nationalist Patriot thoughts and opinions were driven under ground it just made us stronger, more organized, support multiplying exponentially in secret and now everyone, average Canadians are coming out of the woodwork and are saying Enough Is Enough! We're Not Going To Take It Anymore! 

    Maxime Bernier criticized the status quo of extreme Multiculturalism policies and left the Centrist Conservatives to start and successfully build a national real Conservative party in a very short time. Faith Goldy got 25,000 votes in the mayoral election in Toronto and she voices our similar views. People now know they have better options to vote for like Travis Patrone and his Canadian Nationalist Party that want to limit immigration to 25,000 people a year and Francois Belanger Alliance Du Nord based in Quebec is similar.

    People being "exposed" or "doxxed" with certain views are mostly people we did not even know about so we reach out to them and recruit the ones we can and direct them to one of the hundreds of allied organizations that are best suited for them if not suited specifically for the CNF, the left is helping us build our networks by providing us with new members across the country and of course they have to publicly deny any beliefs going against the INGSOC like status quo or apologize (Confess and Apologize Under Duress Publicly just like 1984)  for telling the truth even thought everyone knows they are right and everyone secretly agrees, some do not apologize at all and those are members we want but everyone sees this and know what is happening. The tide is finally turning quickly and the pendulum is swinging all the way to the right to bring back the Real Canada that has been suppressed and been systematically been destroyed since Pierre Trudeau began his insidious plan of slowly introducing and imposing Social Communism on unsuspecting Canadians destroying our heritage, culture, values and erasing and rewriting our history (Trudeau was under Surveillance by the RCMP for being a Communist Subversive)

    We'd like to thank our enemies for helping us consolidate our power, strength, memberships and public support, have you people learned nothing from history? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, oppression of a people and beliefs sparking an uprising and revolution, our people are pushing back! Refuse! Resist! The Revolution continues to grow for Our Heritage! Our Homeland!