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Monday, November 20, 2023

Trudeau's open immigration policies are becoming a problem for Americans

Trudeau's open immigration policies are becoming a problem for Americans

 Increasing number of illegal migrants, drug smugglers using Canada as backdoor entryway into U.S.

  Diane Francis Published Nov 13, 2023 
A sign advising people that entrance to Canada via Roxham Road is illegal on the Canada/U.S. border in Hemmingford, Que. 

The foolish immigration policies of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and their NDP backers have burdened Canada’s health-care system, inflated housing costs and are now starting to annoy Washington.

 America’s immigration problems at its southern border are nightmarish by comparison, but some members of Congress have also voiced concerns that their northern border with Canada has become a backdoor entry into the United States for increasing numbers of illegal migrants and drugs.


Over two dozen Republicans formed a northern border security caucus earlier this year, which intends to identify and quantify the problem at the U.S.-Canadian border. In recent years, the surge in refugee claimants from the U.S. into Canada, via Roxham Road (closed in September) in rural Quebec, has been the biggest bilateral immigration issue and led to a new asylum pact with the U.S.

“What’s gotten less attention is the exponential surge in migration going the other way,” wrote Alexander Panetta, the CBC’s Washington correspondent. The northern border caucus is calling for more border agents and monitoring equipment, all of which will slow border crossings for those headed to the United States from Canada.

Remote areas are most affected. “We are being assaulted because we don’t have a border,” said Rep. Ryan Zinke of Montana. “This is a national security problem and the northern tier has their own set of challenges.”

  Americans have also complained about visa requirements for Mexicans who wish to enter Canada. Mexicans can fly and enter Canada if they obtain an eTA, or an online visa waiver, which entitles them to stay for up to six months. An unknown number are smuggled into the United States by vehicle.


Fox News reported in February that, “There has been a sharp increase in Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encounters of migrants at the northern border, jumping from 32,376 in FY 2020 to 109,535 in FY 2022. There have also been more recent increases in drug seizures, all while staffing levels have remained roughly static for years. The border, which is 5,525 miles, only has 115 ports of entry.”

According to Rep. Mike Kelly, “Migrants and smugglers are seeking alternative routes into the United States, and the northern border is increasingly their first stop.”

The CBC reported that, “Statistics from U.S. Customs and Border Protection show exponential growth in migration from Canada, with more than 55,000 encounters in the first four months of this fiscal year — almost eight times the 2021 rate.

“These encounters can include anything from an arrest to an asylum claim, and they’ve disproportionately involved citizens of India, Mexico and Canada.”

That’s a small amount compared to the flood of illegals getting across America’s southern border, but as controls along the Mexican border increase, migrants and drug smugglers will increasingly turn to Canada to bypass U.S. immigration controls.


The Americans don’t realize that Ottawa’s immigration system needs a complete overhaul. Toronto and Vancouver are being flooded with newcomers who are overwhelming hospitals and homeless shelters, and driving up real estate prices. Visa-free travel for Mexicans is a loophole that must be closed. And Canada’s loose student visa rules must be tightened immediately.

This growing controversy adds to the list of immigration problems that Trudeau has imposed on Canadians. Young people cannot afford to buy homes, older people cannot get family physicians and Canada has become a backdoor entry into the U.S. for illegal immigrants, criminals and drugs.

Financial Post 

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Anti-White Communist art exhibit in Hongcouver

 Anti-White Communist art exhibit in Hongcouver where you can use their Aryan recognition tool to compare your facial measurements to leaders of the Third Reich. 

Vancouver Art Gallery has a new anti-white exhibit: Conceptions of White The exhibit tells white people to stop talking, enjoy discomfort, check their privilege, and vocalize their ignorance The gallery received $29 MILLION last year from the Canadian government



Saturday, November 11, 2023

No More Brother Wars! Lest We Forget! Remember them all!

 No More Brother Wars! Lest We Forget! Remember them all!



Monday, September 11, 2023

Diane Francis: Co-captains Trudeau and Singh running Canada into the ground

 "Under Trudeau, Canada is unable to accommodate the high immigration targets of his government"

Diane Francis: Co-captains Trudeau and Singh running Canada into the ground 

This lack of smart leadership is why Canada slowly sinks

Author of the article:
Diane Francis

Published Sep 11, 2023


 NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. 

 The Good Ship Canada is taking on water, and bringing in far too many unproductive crew, and its Captain Justin Trudeau simply re-arranges the deck chairs.

 Suddenly, Canada’s economy contracted in the second quarter this year and heads toward a recession, the first high-income country to do so. Canadians threaten to mutiny — a recent poll showed that a majority want Trudeau and his governing sidekick, Jagmeet Singh, out of office.

 “Canada is one of the only high-income countries yet to economically rebound from the COVID recession. Average income per person in Canada (adjusted for inflation) was $55,677 in the first three months of this year compared to $56,183 at the end of 2019. We’re poorer today than we were three-and-half years ago despite the avalanche of federal government spending and borrowing,” concluded the Fraser Institute in a July report.

It also cited that Canadian incomes have fallen against American incomes since Trudeau took power. “In 2016, average per-person incomes in Canada were 82 per cent of U.S. levels — C$54,154 compared to C$65,792, or an $11,600 difference per person. By the end of 2022, our per-person incomes had fallen to 76 per cent of U.S. levels — C$55,863 compared to C$73,565. Put differently, Canadians are $17,700 per person poorer than Americans,” added the Institute.

Under Trudeau, Canada is unable to accommodate the high immigration targets of his government, thanks to inflation, higher interest rates, unaffordable housing prices, and a health care crisis. Many Canadians do not have a family physician and cannot get doctors’ appointments for months, a problem worsened by a growing population.

Unfortunately, Canadians could be stuck with the ruling trust fund duo until 2025, when their coalition deal ends. So Trudeau busies himself with giving MPs raises in pay plus creating the country’s biggest, overpaid cabinet in history. He now has 38 in place, none of whom have expertise in the domain over which they preside. (The U.S. has a cabinet of 25 and Australia of 20.)

Instead of drumming up trade, such as cashing in on supplying LNG to India or China so they can transition from dirty coal, he headed off to the G20 meeting in India to raise the issue of foreign interference by Sikh radicals in Canada with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Trudeau’s approach to this issue insulted India, and may be why he was unable to get a bilateral summit with the Indian leader. If he was pitching LNG or investments, he’d rise to the top of the list, but that’s out of the question, and this year Trudeau has nixed proposals worth billions made by Japan, Germany, and Spain to build gas liquefaction and export plants in Canada.

This lack of smart leadership is why Canada slowly sinks. “The Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), a 38-member international organization, predicts that Canada will be the worst-performing advanced economy from 2020 to 2030, with inflation-adjusted per-person GDP growth of only 0.7 per cent per year over the decade. The same is true from 2030 to 2060,” the Fraser Institute’s July report notes.

 In March, the Fraser Institute estimated the federal deficit will reach $40 billion in 2023, or $10 billion higher than forecasted, and that there is no plan to balance the budget.

In May, a report by Canada’s housing agency, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), said  high household debts (due to high mortgages as a result of high housing costs) put the economy at more risk going forward. “Canadian households are more in debt than those in any other G7 country, and the amount they owe is now more than the value of the country’s entire economy,” the CBC reported.

The CMHC’s deputy chief economist warned that “Canada’s very high levels of household debt — the highest in the G7 — makes the economy vulnerable to any global economic crisis. When many households in an economy are heavily indebted, the situation can quickly deteriorate, such as what was witnessed in the U.S. in 2007 and 2008.”

Even so Canada’s Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland said in July “I think we can be really optimistic about the Canadian economy. Canada had the strongest economic growth in the G7 over the course of 2022.”

 With mentality like that Canada heads for the shoals. In 2015, Trudeau promised modest budget deficits and balanced budgets by 2019. Instead, he’s spent like a sailor: Compensation paid to federal employees increased 52 per cent, from $38 billion in 2015 to $58 billion in 2021. Federal employment job growth is three times greater than in the private sector and, at the same time, management fees paid to consultants have skyrocketed from $10.4 billion when the Liberals took office, to an estimated $17.7 billion in 2022, a jump of nearly 60 per cent.


Franco Terrazzano, director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, nailed it when he recently wrote, “this government doesn’t care about fiscal prudence or helping taxpayers.”

This is why Canada’s co-captains must be dumped ashore as soon as possible.

Financial Post 

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Food bank reports 95% of users not born in Canada


Food bank reports 95% of users not born in Canada

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa


A Toronto-area food bank is sounding the alarm after it witnessed a dramatic increase in new clients – a vast majority of which were new immigrants.

According to Feed Scarborough, visits to its five locations across the region have spiked by 112% in the past year. 

A total of 95% of those relying on Feed Scarborough were not born in the country, while 72% had only been in Canada a year or less. 

“I can’t pay the bills. I don’t have any money. I don’t have any income, but I’m still surviving,” client and new immigrant Brigitte told CityNews. 

“The situations I’ve passed through, the things I’ve passed through have been a lot, and at times I regret, I’m like ‘why did I leave?’ I would’ve stayed there. On the other hand, I say you have to face it and life has to move on.”


A report by the organization also found that 28% of those accessings its services were employed currently, while another 65% were students. 

“Think about it, you’re working 40 hours a week, but you still can’t afford food which is a basic human right,” said founder Suman Roy. 

Clients cited low income as one of the main reasons behind why they had to resort to visiting a food bank. 

“That says that we have precarious employment [and] that says housing and other expenses are so high that food is somewhere where they compromise,” explained Roy.

Additionally, new immigrants made up the vast majority of those visiting Feed Scarborough. 

Food bank usage has also extended to rural parts of Ontario. 

Several organizations serving Simcoe County have also reported record rates of new visitors. 

“We are forecasting to continue to see an upward trend in individuals accessing our services without a shadow of a doubt,” said director of Sharing Place, Chris Peacock in July.  

“There are individuals that have never thought that they would be walking through the door of a food bank. But we’re in a time that a lot of individuals are not able to afford what many would consider to be life subsidies.” 

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Justin and Sophie Trudeau separate after 18 years of marriage

 *Turdeau and Jagoff Sing can finally be together in their gay relationship! And they called it Commie Love! Awwwwww When Turdeau and Sing hook up Turdeau does not use condoms... He wraps it in a Turban lmwao 👳🏻‍♂️*

Justin and Sophie Trudeau separate after 18 years of marriage


 Ninth Summit of the Americas

by and

OTTAWA, Aug 2 (Reuters) - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie said on Wednesday they were separating in an unexpected announcement that appeared to mark the end of the couple's 18-year high-profile marriage.

Trudeau, 51, and Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, 48, were married in late May 2005. They have three children, the eldest of whom is 15.

For Trudeau there are also painful historical parallels. His father, former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, separated from his wife Margaret in 1977, when he was in office.

Trudeau was only 43 when he became prime minister in late 2015 and the sharply-dressed couple quickly captured the attention of the world media.

Vogue magazine ran a glowing profile of the two in its January 2016 issue, complete with photos of them embracing. A long piece in the magazine about Trudeau said he "shocks some with his public displays of affection toward his wife".

In the early years after Trudeau took office, he and Sophie were often seen together at social functions and on foreign trips. In February 2018, during a visit to India, the two of them dressed in colorful costumes most days, prompting derisive comments back home.

Trudeau, though, made clear even before he became prime minister that the two had faced challenges, telling the Canadian Broadcasting Corp in 2014 that "our marriage isn't perfect, and we have had difficult ups and downs."

In recent years, Sophie has curtailed joint appearances with her husband and signs of stress were clear.

On their wedding anniversary last year, Sophie said in a social media post that "we have navigated through sunny days, heavy storms, and everything in between and it ain't over."

She went on: "long-term relationships are challenging in so many ways".

The two of them did travel to London in May for the coronation of King Charles and were together when U.S. President Joe Biden visited in late March.

Trudeau gave a news conference on Monday and took a ride on the Toronto subway that night but has had no public appearances scheduled for the last two days. As recently as Monday, he was still wearing his wedding ring.

"Sophie and I would like to share the fact that after many meaningful and difficult conversations, we have made the decision to separate," Trudeau said on Instagram. Sophie posted an almost identical message on her own Instagram account.

Trudeau's office said the two had signed a legal agreement.

"They have worked to ensure that all legal and ethical steps with regards to their decision to separate have been taken, and will continue to do so moving forward," it said.

"They remain a close family and Sophie and the Prime Minister are focused on raising their kids in a safe, loving and collaborative environment," said the statement from Trudeau's office, which requested privacy. "The family will be together on vacation, beginning next week."

Reporting by David Ljunggren and Ismail Shakil in Ottawa Editing by Marguerita Choy

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

Sunday, June 25, 2023

BREAKING: Muslim Canadians surround Justin Trudeau’s office, protest against far-left LGBTQ indoctrination of children

BREAKING: Muslim Canadians surround Justin Trudeau’s office, protest against far-left LGBTQ indoctrination of children

  • Canadian News

"Leave the Canadian flag alone!" The rest of the crowd began to chant, "No more silence!" 


 BREAKING: Muslim Canadians surround Justin Trudeau’s office, protest against far-left LGBTQ indoctrination of children


A group of Muslims gathered outside Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's office to protest the LGBTQ indoctrination and the replacement of Canadian flags with the rainbow 'Pride' flag on government buildings. 

In a video posted on Twitter by Dacey Media, protesters chanted, "Leave our kids alone" and "The Flag has to go" while pointing to the Pride flag on the side of the building.  
 "We need the Canadian flag up there," one man says to the crowd pointing to a flag on the side of the building. "This is the Prime Minister of Canada, it should only be the Canadian flag." 

Another man shouted, "Leave the Canadian flag alone!" The rest of the crowd began to chant, "No more silence!" 

On June 16, Christians and Muslims came together in Calgary to protest the gender ideology being taught in schools. One man said, "We stand together, as a Canadian people as a Muslim and a Christian, to protect our children." Another man added, "From that" as he pointed to a group of LGBTQ activists across the street.

On June 9, Chris Elston, also known as Billboard Chris, joined an interfaith coalition in Ottawa to protest LGBTQ content promoted in schools. 

"Everyone on our side of this has been too afraid to speak up, but those days are over," he told The Post Millennial's Beth Baisch. "People are learning about this, they're learning how to speak about this, and we're never gonna be quiet again." 

People of the Muslim faith have also begun to speak out in the United States. Earlier this month, an all-Muslim city council in Hamtramck, Michigan, voted to ban Pride flags from being flown on public property as parents in Montgomery County, Maryland, protested their school board to be able to opt their children out of LGBTQ teachings.

Friday, June 16, 2023

Canada's supreme court upholds U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement


Canada's supreme court upholds U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement

 Story by Simon Druker
The Supreme Court of Canada on Friday upheld the Safe Third Country Agreement the country shares with the United States, declaring it is constitutional. File Photo by Pat Benic/UPI


June 16 (UPI) -- The Supreme Court of Canada on Friday upheld the Safe Third Country Agreement the country shares with the United States, declaring it is constitutional.

The nine-judge panel voted unanimously in favor of cementing the legislation, which stipulates refugee claimants must request protection in the first safe country they arrive in, unless they qualify for an exception.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had not commented publicly on the decision as of 12:30 p.m. EDT, which amounts to a victory for his government.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has also yet to issue a comment.

Oral arguments in the case took place in October.

The ruling means Canadian officials can continue to turn back those seeking to claim refugee status in the country that are arriving across the shared U.S. land border.

Anyone crossing a legal entry point is deemed not eligible for refugee protection in Canada as they would have already reached the United States.

The STCA was first signed in 2002 and came into effect in 2004.

It was modified in March and "helps both governments better manage access to the refugee system in each country for people crossing the Canada-U.S. land border."


The United States is the only country deemed a "safe third country" by the agreement.

Rules do not apply to American citizens or residents of the United States who are not citizens of any country.

Opponents to the ruling argued refugee claimants returned to the United States are often detained, mistreated or deported.

There are four exceptions to the current regulations as currently written. Exceptions exist for family members, unaccompanied minors, document holders as well as public interest exceptions.