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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Canadian Nationalist Front at the Canadians for Canada rally in Ottawa July 20th

Canadian Nationalist Front at the Canada for Canadians rally in Ottawa July 20th

                  After we rallied we marched to parliament Hill                         

A handful of Antifa behind me

About 100 Canadian Nationalist Patriots in attendance

Video Of us marching to Parliament Hill after the rally

Monday, July 15, 2019

Trump puts an end to asylum seekers that are actually economic migrants passing through many other countries.

    Trump puts an end to asylum seekers that are actually economic migrants passing through many other countries.

    Canada should follow suit after the liberals are voted out in October. Once you leave your home home country you shouldn't be able to claim asylum or refugee status especially if you pass through many countries your are not in danger and they're just basically shopping for a country that gives the most benefits and perks to these economic migrant scammers trying to bypass regular channels claiming special status like asylum claim or refugees. We must do the same to stop the tide of invasion.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Canadian Nationalist Front, Kevin Goudreau on the Brian Ruhe Show

Kevin Goudreau with Paul Fromm and Brian Ruhe on my persecution, harassment and the attempted violation of my civil liberties by Richard warman and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Gang of racist Somalians attack a 4 year old child, the child's mother and family at Canada's Wonderland,calls for hate crimes investigation against the actual victims of hate crimes by the Leftist media

Gang of  racist Somalians attack a 4 year old child, the child's mother and family at Canada's Wonderland,calls for hate crimes investigation against the actual victims of hate crimes by the Leftist media.

Media false narrative after 4 year old attacked and harassment of family by gaggle of Somalians committing a hate crime and trying to make the victims as aggressors.

We need patrols to protect citizens against these vicious hate crimes by migrants and people need to start arming themselves to protect themselves and their children against migrant attacks of rape and assaults in public spaces.

I got the real story from the woman herself. That Somalian and her gaggle attacked her and her 4 year old. Actual message from her.

I was reluctant to post about this incident but It’s come to my attention that my version needs to be put out there. 
On Thursday, my family went to Wonderland and our day turned into a nightmare after we had lunch outside the park. We were at the park with 5 children ages 9,5,5,4 and 1! Walking back into the park around 4pm I was alone with 2 of my children, the rest of my family were already through the gates. A Somalian women shoved my 4 year old and pushed in front of us. I called the women an “asshole” and a GROUP of Somalian women then started screaming and verbally attacking me and my children in the gates. I managed to get through and into the park only to look behind and have roughly 15 women corner me and my kids screaming “**** you and **** your kids” at this point my family who was already through the gates witnessed me struggling to get away from them and came to my aid. My boyfriend and others repeatedly told them to back away from me and the kids and they refused. The 18 year old female who looked 30 wouldn't stop and then spit in my boyfriends face, horrified he spit back in hers, she then threw a drink on him and proceeded to punch him in the face. His mom jumped in to protect him, and then an altercation broke out between the two groups that was quickly separated by security. We were detained for nearly 3 hours and York region police investigated as well as Wonderland security. This was NOT racially motivated and it was not just one girl. We are not racist, I don’t care what colour, nationality or religion you are. If your going to shove my child and be ignorant, I am going to call you an asshole. This story has been falsely broadcasted on a few news sites and stations. They do not have all the facts, nor have they made any attempts to contact us to find out why this happened! An 18 year old women 3x the size of me infront of her friends attempted to harass, bully and intimidate a white mother alone with two kids and is now calling us racist. Last I checked “asshole” wasn't a racial slur. If anyone has questions feel free to message me. 
Picture of myself and my youngest child before our day was turned into a nightmare. 
CTV News
Just to clarify the women who pushed my child and went in front of us that I called an asshole walked through the gates in front of me, she was with the same group but she wasn't the women who continued this. It was Safyia who stood in front of her group behind me and my children as they were still behind me in line, the women in the altercation who was screaming **** me and **** my kids was not the same girl who I called an asshole. This started a separate argument. I turned around and called her a fat bitch after she said **** me and **** my kids and she called me a crack bitch. I walked away again, that’s when she and her group followed me and my two kids into the park and continued to scream at me. This should of ended with her friend and I walking away but it did not.

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Friday, June 28, 2019

Syrian Refugees Busted With Over 220 Grams of Fentanyl

Local taxpayer subsidized media is unwilling to report the hard work of Greenstone OPP.
Yesterday afternoon at 12:55pm March 21,2019, the OPP responded quickly to an eastbound black sports car that had just stolen gas from a Nipigon Esso. Police conducted patrol and observed the vehicle on Highway 11 just north of Windegokan Lake Road.
Further investigation revealed the discovery of over 1/2 pound of Fentanyl. One of the largest seizures in Northern Ontario.
A 19 year old MOHAMAD AL ZARIF, a Syrian refugee was arrested and charged with:
  • Possession of fentanyl for purpose of trafficking.
  • Theft under 5000$.
  • Driving under suspension.
A 21 year old MHD ALI BASHIR ALMANDANI, a Syrian refugee was arrested and charged with:
  • Possession of fentanyl for purpose of trafficking.
  • Theft under 5000$.
ALMANDANI was the alleged passenger in the vehicle
Both men require Arabic interpreters and will make a video appearance later today before Justice of the Peace in Thunder Bay if an interpreter becomes available.
Sources indicate that AL ZARIF speaks no English and ALMANDANI speaks very little English.
The Federal Crown will most likely request these two refugees be detained at the Thunder Bay Jail.
Due to the nature of the charges, it will be a reverse onus situation where the refugees will be required to prove why they should be released.
Both men are Syrian born. But because Canada doesn’t deport foreign criminals to unsafe countries, they will most likely remain in Canada for the rest of their lives.
After Justin Trudeau and the Liberals were elected in 2015, they literally opened the floodgates for Syrian refugees with little to no vetting being done.
Unfortunately, Canadians have been stuck with the bad choices of the Liberals. Several refugees have taken advantage of the generosity of Canadians and committed a variety of crimes. In fact, the Liberals treat refugees better than Canadians.
Inside Edition is working to try obtain more information and photos. This story will be updated as information becomes available.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Attempted Peace Bond and harrassment against me by Richard Warman and Canadian Anti-Hate Network case remanded.

Good times in Ottawa with Paul Fromm, good meeting yesterday and of course my case for peace bond today by Canadian Anti-Hate Network, Richard Warman is remanded till August. Phase one to striking down attempted peace bond is complete. His insidious evil plan will be thwarted then. 

I'd like to thank everyone that donated to my legal defence fund, you know who you are. Especially I'd like to thank my benefactor and legal advisor Paul Fromm that I still owe for this trip to Ottawa to battle this harassment from Richard Warman and Canadian Anti-Hate Network and making it possible, anyone that says that Paul Fromm is about money is a liar, he is for the cause, freedom of speech and civil liberties and not about donations, he spends more on the cause than he gets in donations going to bat for people.