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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

White Unity, Divided We fall... Gossip and Egos

In a movement already lacking in unity due to difference in beliefs and methods of furthering those different goals for the 14 words we cannot afford further divisions in our cause by infighting, gossip and battle of egos.

 If you have a problem with somebody deal with it as adults and deal directly with that person instead of being passive aggressive like children playing parents against each other.

     If you choose to defame or spread rumors about people be prepared to provide tangible facts and proof and not hearsay and instead of propagating such things ask the person being slandered whether certain things are true or false and make your own judgement instead of parroting what others may say about some due to personal reasons of jealousy or to feel important by talking about somebody you don't know.

 So please brothers and sisters I implore you to take a stand against such childish "hen-house" and "rumor mill" behavior.
   Together we stand and divided we fall! Stand for WHITE UNITY!