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Saturday, October 7, 2017

All Anti-Illegal Immigration Rallies across Canada by Several Nationalist Organizations on Sept 30th were a Success

    On September 30th in 10 cities and 6 provinces across Canada like Fredericton NB, Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, QC, Niagara ON, Ottawa ON, London ON, Windsor ON, Regina SK, Edmonton AB, Peach Arch Border Crossing BC where different Nationalist and Patriot groups like the Canadian Nationalist Front, Canada First Immigration Reform Committee, Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform,The Canadian Association for Free Expression,  the Northern Guard, the Cultural Action Party, Storm Alliance, WCAI, La Meute, Suffragettes Against Silence, Proud Boys and CCCC along with other groups and supporters numbering around 500 people all rallied in solidarity and unity against Illegal Immigration, Trudeau's open border policies and our country being flooded by illegal aliens and asylum seekers.

Anti-Illegal Immigration Rallies Across Canada

     Why were they ALL a success and not just the ones in Quebec and Ottawa? Because we showed Canadians that over a DOZEN Nationalist, Patriot and Right Wing organizations could work together in solidarity across the country to rally and protest against Trudeau's Liberals, Illegal Immigration and the flood Asylum seekers invading our country. We brought national and media attention, sparked national debate and showed the country we will not stand by and watch our country go down the tubes as the voice of the silent majority. We flushed out and exposed the Domestic Terrorist group known as Antifa and its various cells of Anarchist and Communist thugs like Peterborough Against Fascism with their hate, fear-mongering and violence paid for and sponsored by George Soros and the Communist party that pay them up to 1000$ per protest busing them in from places like Toronto also with the promise of booze and drugs to motivate them which accounts for their lack of debating skills or any dialogue except for yelling and attacking the police, the elderly and broke a man's cane in Peterborough, attacked a 10 year old boy in Ottawa taking his Canadian flag, anyone with a Canadian flag or wearing a suit or to "Conservative" suspecting them of "looking" like racists or white supremacists even calling Jews "Nazis" or anyone that doesn't agree with their Cultural Marxist ideology. 

Unjustified Fear-mongering by the leftists in some media

They attempted to demonize us all with catchphrases and buzzwords that instill fear and hatred.The left claimed to fight fascism but are the epitomy of fascism,they don't even know what it means and are the true fascists,delusional! From our people that were at the protest they did witness and document support for our side even if they don't agree 100% we rallied support, These sheeple claim to be individuals with free thought but yet parrot whatever the"in crowd"says without proof or basis in any facts at all. My hippie,liberal friends were quite angry at the spectacle of hate and violence by the left, they were eager to debate and they know we aren't hateful or violent. Best part about the slander calling us racist,sexist and homophobic is let's see... that is completely false and all different types of people support our cause and most our activists are women! Were soooo sexist, racist and homophobic, these sheeple are chasing demons and phantoms that don't exist simply because people don't agree with them.

The Liberals and what they're doing to Canada has finally poked the bears and awoken the wolves to defend their den and offspring,Awakening! This is just the beginning... A prelude to a new Canadian Nationalist revolution and a resurgence of true Conservatism,new political parties 5 so far that we know of, As one of my many expertise such as Physics, "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"  game on!

And... in the same weekend a Terrorist Attack in Edmonton by a Somalian Illegal Alien/Asylums seeker and... a Canadian Arab Terrorist caught in New York with other plotters to commit terror and kill thousands ... Ummmm nope didn't warn you and you didn't see it coming just like i am the Pope.

Radicalized Muslim Canadian arrested In Terror Plot in USA

Canadians, arise, awake and take back our nation from the Liberals, Communist filth attempting to destroy our nation, heritage and culture! We showed the world Canada is not a doormat.