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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The masses being programmed Part II (Dr. Kev's diagnosis 'Captivity Syndrome')

Nowhere in nature do we see species in the animal kingdom interbreed except in captivity as it occurs amongst humans in what i like to call 'Captivity Syndrome' in the sense that we are forced together and held captive under occupation by the hostile enemy alien forces and their collaborators, the multi-cult commissars. Outside of the Social Communism of parroting what the in-crowd says every father in their right mind will tell their precious White-Aryan child "I'm not racist but...if you bring a nigger home i will disown you", the boys tend to obey logic and are naturally attracted to white women the most beautiful women on earth but girls on the other hand all have "Daddy Issues" and to rebel against their father will go slumming and bring a mongrel of some sort home like a stray cat and before they realize the mistake they have made they get stuck with a Peanut Butter Baby (that has no racial identity which we consider cruelty to children) and former white ladies are forever 'Damaged Goods' and no self respecting white man would touch a race traitor whore that has defiled herself with a 10 ft pole.

For those who think it is a personal preference of free will are sadly mistaken, look at music videos for instance, I have a few white nationalist friends who are what we call "Wiggers" and fell into that rap fad when they were young but have grown and not forgotten who they are and that white is right and have exposed me to this new degeneration of music videos and im not talking about rap which is 3/4 of the word crap but beautiful talented white women putting non-whites in their videos like Katy Perry's "E.T" which is without a doubt the most heinous of race mixing propaganda videos ,Jesse J.'s "Price Tag" starts out fine then it turns into Lorne Green's New Wilderness/National Geographic some "Inter-Species Erotica" at the end. Others seem content to just have your background token non-whites like Avril Lavigne, Kesha and Britney Spears to be accepted and sell records without having to engage in "Jungle Fever" in their videos and then the only wholesome Aryan princess and shinning white light left that makes music videos on her own merit and talent is Taylor Swift that can sing despite what Koonye West said at the VMA awards in that attack, what will he do next? Throw feces at the stage? If a white man did that to a black singer there would have been a hell-storm but the brainwashed masses were pretty much complacent about it which is a sad state of affairs my brothers and sisters. Take a stand and boycott such music and videos!!!

yours truly,

Kevin Goudreau

Chairman, White Nationalist Front


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