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Friday, March 11, 2016

American Imperialism, Islamic Terrorists and So-called Refugees Invading Our Lands

    Because of American Imperialism aka "Bringing Democracy" to the middle east it has destabilized Persian and Arab countries, why? Of course favorable oil trade deals and reconstruction contracts after they bomb the heck out of their nations after an America/Israeli friendly puppet government has been put in place.

    This destabilization creates a power vacuum after the destruction of functional and successful secular states to be filled by Islamic extremists like ISIS to overthrow the weak fledgling puppet states meanwhile providing both sides with the same weapons for profit like the 8 year Iran/Iraq war America engineered in the 80s to the Invasion of Iraq and instigation of the Arab Spring by the USA.

    This strife creates enemies bent on killing all Infidels, American/Israeli/Coalition countries like Canada by sending so-called refugees that happen to me mostly men of fighting age between 25 and 35 years of age to wreak havoc in our nations by infiltration, taking advantage of our free money for immigrants to send back home to fund wars against us, turn our own people against us radicalized to kill us, spreading radical Islam and committing white genocide by their sheer numbers and creating Sharia Law Enclaves that are Muslims Only areas within our own countries.

    Toronto has almost 6000 homeless people and over 7000 families on waiting lists to get housing whilst so-called Syrian refugees are living in nice hotel rooms, getting housing right away by-passing Canadians on waiting lists, that will get free daycare, 50000$ business grants we are not privy too, free lease on a car for a year, more money than average Canadians from social service organizations but to criticize this is racist according to the anti-whites and promoters of white genocide


    Stop the Invasion!Stand Up! Be proud and shout it out loud! Stop the madness! Our Heritage! Our Homeland!