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Monday, June 20, 2011

The masses being programmed with leftist agendas.

     The bottom line is that there is insidious brainwashing from birth, in our schools, TV shows that are written for a set period of time with a goal of imprinting an idea and behavior upon us, movies, media and adds by the Zionists and Liberals whom control most of it. They employ simple Pavlovian control mechanisms of flashing certain images at us at a certain rate, colour and frequency to achieve certain programmed physical responses in our people to imprint their left-wing, anti-white ideas and agendas to destroy our morality as a people and nations to poison our bloodlines and create war and strife amongst our own kind. They like coming out with a WW2 movie or 2 every year to keep up the brainwashing, demonizing our ideals by flashing pics of swastikas and dead bodies to images and adds of mixed race couples to glorify unnatural and immoral practices. As long as people have food in their fridge and not dying they will accept whats on TV and the papers at face value without question like Pavlov's drooling dogs getting its snack for certain behavior like the Social Communism we are victims of when we speak out and how we are treated but if you publicly comply with the leftist ideas they are rewarded with praise and affection. We must never give up and continue to spread the truth and take it to the masses as much as we can by any means to wake them up from their psychologically induced psychosis or fog of the lifetime of brainwashing some of our people are victim to that make them sheeple and lemmings, we need more solutions to achieve this to save our people from themselves for they know not what they do in their dream state created by the enemies of our race.
yours truly,

Kevin Goudreau

Chairman, White Nationalist Front


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