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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Plea For Help From Fleming College Students And The Islamification Of Their School And Peterborough

I've been contacted by Flemming College students concerned about the Islamification of their school and Peterborough in the midst of the harassment of women and students afraid to report the harassment in fear of being called Nazis or racists and the attempted brainwashing of students to convert to Islam.

 I promised anonymity and will simply quote their concerns.

 "I'm a Peterborough native and out of all days to not be in Peterborough it had to be Sunday. It is nice to see like minded individuals having a rally. It is also entertaining to read about all the back-lash from the rally.

Anyways, the reason for my message is hoping you would cover (or be aware) of an issue I have experienced at my college (Fleming in Peterborough). It started back in February a group of Muslims had a booth set up and were doing some "Coffee with Islam" information awareness. I guess their purpose is to raise awareness of the Islamic faith and meet outside of the school at a coffee shop to discuss their faith.

I could see it did make some people curious, taking their pamphlets and exchanging phone numbers. But I could also see it making people uncomfortable about how they approach people. One friend of mine was approached and almost "forced" into giving one of the guys her number (she didn't but took his basically to get him to shut up). I figured they may be there for a week and leave but it has persisted week by week. I have not been approached (yet).

I do not agree with what they are doing on a few levels. With my own personal beliefs of the Islamic faith set aside (I'm sure we can agree on the same views) I feel the extent they go to interact with people is not right. Approaching people, or asking for personal information (phone numbers, email) I do not agree with. If they want to set up a booth thats tolerable, if people are curious THEY can approach THEM. Being at my school week after week I do not agree with, putting up a poster would be tolerable and would have the same effect. Interrupting people having conversations with other people is also quite rude, approaching people while they are eating is also very rude (I notice they only do this to people sitting by themselves- still rude in my opinion).

The point I guess i'm trying to make is if someone was to set up a table for any other religious views I believe it would be frowned upon. If another religious group would approach people in the manner they would also be frowned upon. I have not seen ANY other religious organizations with information booths out of the years iv been here."

 I'm also conflicted because I would like to formally complain but unfortunately I know I would be seen as a "racist" or "nazi" and in a school setting makes me nervous incase it jeopardizes my enrolment at my college. Publicly I’m quite tolerant about my views and keep my religious and political beliefs to myself. Mainly due to the headache which comes from defending myself and my beliefs etc. I suppose I feel like I need to voice my opinion formally about this, but I'm nervous to do so (reasons I previously mentioned)".

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