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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Its About Heritage Not hate, Against 3rd World Immigrants Not Euro-Immigrants,Against radical Islam Not Persians

We are against third world immigration for obvious reasons, Canada's majority and traditional heritage is European and Aboriginal Natives and not non-white third world immigrants that wont assimilate and expect us to assimilate and cater to their needs when they spit on our culture, heritage and values with their hand out. European immigrants assimilate and don't fill up our prisons and contribute to our society in a positive manner and share the same values as third world invaders do not.

We are against Radical Islamic Arabs and Black Africans mainly Somalians that seek to destroy us from outward and within because of their hateful,violent and oppressive religion that states 109 times in the Koran to kill "The Infidel" or Non Believer in various ways.  That spread their vile religion, beliefs and radical violence against us in their mosques that we build, hotbeds of terrorist activity.

Persian immigrants from the Middle East could be compatible racially to some extent and would assimilate if non-Muslim and if Christian perhaps would contribute in a positive manner but at large that is not the case of the influx of invaders pretending to be refugees, many radical Islamists coming to destroy us and would rather let 18 year old girls fight for they're country in the Syrian army for example than fight themselves when most invaders are of military age.

We pay BILLIONS from taxpayers to house, feed, cloth, give free business grants we cannot get, cars, free daycare and lawyers fees for immigration courts and criminal activity since many of the third world immigrants join Muslim and Somalian criminal gangs, are sex offenders, honour killing murderers and drug dealers.

We don't want the Chinese here either or any other non-Europeans, its nothing personal but we don't want any of them here since they are not racially nor value system compatible, although many Asians like the Japanese are industrious, good work ethic, honourable, have moral values similar to our own and sticking to their own kind but still not the same values and like the Chinese small things like eating dogs and cats and they are not Euro-Canadians.Third world immigrants have nothing to offer us and they get everything under the sun while real Canadians loose in every way.

 The other traditionally Canadian ethnic group native Aboriginals don't want third world immigration either, they can barely tolerate Europeans even though we've given them alot and still give they probably hate third wold immigration more than we do so we have their support. The founding European settler decedents and natives do not want TURD WORLD immigrants here, get out, your are not wanted here and most true Canadians stand united in stopping the invasion, those that kept their silence are now speaking out, join them, join us in saving and preserving our land, culture and heritage.


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