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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Social Communist Purge and Witch-Hunts of true Nationalist Patriots having the opposite effect they desire

    The Social Communist attempted Purge, Witch-Hunts, Persecution and Oppression of true Nationalist Patriots having the opposite effect they desire, strengthening our cause and public support!

    Since the recent tragic events in New Zealand which we publicly condemned afterward, the Social Communists, Leftists and Liberals have been using the tragedy to spread fear and hatred creating Nationaphobia for their own agendas pushing a delusional and false narrative of an imagined threat of Nationalist Patriot terrorism that has never happened in Canada with Newspeak words like White Supremacist and Hate Speech to categorize and stereotype anyone with right-wing Nationalist Patriot views that may be critical or have a different opinion of immigration policies, minority special privileges, and suppression of free speech or simply stating the truth and facts on those subjects.

     Extreme leftist-Social Communist hate groups like CAHN and Antifa/ARC working with the INGSOC like mainstream media outlets similar to The Ministry Of Truth (Ministry Of Lies) the propaganda machine for the Liberal/Socialist/Communist Government (Big Brother) in George Orwell's book 1984, have helped to Purge and attempted to Purge in Communist NKVD like style witch-hunts and help suppressing free speech of Nationalist Patriot Politicians, Police Officers, members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Professors and Public Servants is having the opposite effect they desire.

     Instead they have shown the formerly Silent Majority that support our cause in either in whole or in part that they are not alone or as isolated as they thought and in greater numbers in the ten of thousands across Canada willing to speak out publicly without fear of reprisals. Now our people are breaking the shackles of oppression in this culture of fear no longer afraid to show their support and act because now they see that we were right and for the past 20 years since true Nationalist Patriot thoughts and opinions were driven under ground it just made us stronger, more organized, support multiplying exponentially in secret and now everyone, average Canadians are coming out of the woodwork and are saying Enough Is Enough! We're Not Going To Take It Anymore! 

    Maxime Bernier criticized the status quo of extreme Multiculturalism policies and left the Centrist Conservatives to start and successfully build a national real Conservative party in a very short time. Faith Goldy got 25,000 votes in the mayoral election in Toronto and she voices our similar views. People now know they have better options to vote for like Travis Patrone and his Canadian Nationalist Party that want to limit immigration to 25,000 people a year and Francois Belanger Alliance Du Nord based in Quebec is similar.

    People being "exposed" or "doxxed" with certain views are mostly people we did not even know about so we reach out to them and recruit the ones we can and direct them to one of the hundreds of allied organizations that are best suited for them if not suited specifically for the CNF, the left is helping us build our networks by providing us with new members across the country and of course they have to publicly deny any beliefs going against the INGSOC like status quo or apologize (Confess and Apologize Under Duress Publicly just like 1984)  for telling the truth even thought everyone knows they are right and everyone secretly agrees, some do not apologize at all and those are members we want but everyone sees this and know what is happening. The tide is finally turning quickly and the pendulum is swinging all the way to the right to bring back the Real Canada that has been suppressed and been systematically been destroyed since Pierre Trudeau began his insidious plan of slowly introducing and imposing Social Communism on unsuspecting Canadians destroying our heritage, culture, values and erasing and rewriting our history (Trudeau was under Surveillance by the RCMP for being a Communist Subversive)

    We'd like to thank our enemies for helping us consolidate our power, strength, memberships and public support, have you people learned nothing from history? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, oppression of a people and beliefs sparking an uprising and revolution, our people are pushing back! Refuse! Resist! The Revolution continues to grow for Our Heritage! Our Homeland!

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  1. Good article! I agree more and more people are waking up and have had enough of the retarded left.