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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Kevin Goudreau on The Right Voice Radio

Kevin Goudreau on The Right Voice Radio last night, If you missed the show you can hear it on their Podcast Archives.

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  1. Great post! I'm glad to see fellow Canadians who are aware of the dangers our country is facing in regards to mass immigration from third world countries.

    Yesterday while I was out with my family I seen two car loads of Muslims at the gas station. One family was driving a brand new Ford Flex and the other was driving a Dodge Durango! They all piled out of the vehicle except for their hooded women and proceeded to talk in their foreign tongue. They were dressed in fancy clothes. The men wear wearing suits and dress shoes. The children were dressed the same except the girls were in dresses.They appeared to be Syrian. My brother and I could hardly believe our eyes. The pumps were being waited on and the Muslim men were parked at the pumps and they talked for over ten minutes before they went to pump their gas. They had a line up of cars behind each of their vehicles including myself waiting for the pumps. All my family and I could wonder was how they could afford such fancy vehicles when they only recently arrived in Canada and were relying on government hand outs.

    My province of Nova Scotia laid off over 500 teachers due to tax cuts just last year but because of the Syrian children who arrived they rehired several teachers just to accommodate the Syrian childrens language needs. I don't see how this is fair, seeing how several classes deemed unimportant have been cut from the school curriculum for the native children due to lack of funds. The teachers who have been hired most likely have ethnic ties to Syria. What is even crazier is the fact Canada is a bilingual country but since Nova Scotia is mainly an English speaking province all classes in public elementary schools are taught in English. So french speaking children either have to home schooled or the parents must pay for their children to attend private french schools. Our government has done nothing to accommodate french speaking children even though our country claims to be bilingual. Canada will claim a lack of funds when it comes to native Canadians but will pull funds out of thin air to accommodate a very small minority. The Syrian refugees only mark the beginning of white European discrimination. It will only get worse!