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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Anti-racists are anti-white, bigotted hatemongers and hypocrits!

I'm discriminated against at every turn, work, looking for apartments, friends and my fiances family. Why? I stand up for the white man and speak my mind and fight for the white race, all they see is my tattoos, swastika tattoos I got when I was younger to take the Gammadion back as a white pride symbol because what bonds us beyond genetics and blood are our ancient white Aryan religious symbols.

They Google me, read internet gossip and lies of communist enemies that it is their job to lie about me, never met me and assume I'm a dangerous uneducated killer because they watch too many Jewish Hollywood propaganda movies and react with a brainwashed programmed response like one of Pavlov's drooling dogs.

Who is close minded? Who is a small minded hatemonger? What kind of idiots believe left-wing internet propaganda? Dumb, ignorant, small minded, close minded, lemmings and sheep that parrot what the in-crowd says.

They rail against prejudice but these ignorant brainwashed sheep are the most prejudiced sheeple iv ever met and the most hypocritical poor lost souls iv ever encountered.

Learn to think for yourselves Sheeple...

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