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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Turd World, Middle East War Zone (North America)

The past few weeks there have been some frightening revelations in Canada of teenage terrorists from Canada who were involved and killed in the gas plant attack in Algeria, the day after the Boston terror attack by Chechen Islamists in the USA an Islamist terror plot to blow up railway lines in Canada was foiled before anybody was hurt.

The Conservatives i voted for actually ( yes i vote because it give me the right to complain) made some good changes in immigration reform this year but obviously not enough. There should be stipulations in the law in reverse of the 'Safe Countries' section of the new legislation not accept refugee claimants from countries where there is no danger on the flip side there should be a clause not to accept refugee claimants from 'Extremely Dangerous For Us Countries If We Let Them In' clause. Countries that harbour Islamist Extremism for example Afghanistan, Iraq (post War) Egypt, Yemen,Libya and countries that thanks to western interference have become radical Muslim states and known to have training camps and terror cells. Chechnya a Muslim extremist state that has fought 2 wars against ruling Russia for Independence have Jihadists, anyone coming from say Iran Or Syria that are secular countries that detain such extremists and not tolerated are likely Jihadists on the run and want to take revenge on the American infidels and of course Canada being the little brother that gets dragged along in these fights we become a target as well.



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  1. Nice Blog!
    Great to see that there White Nationalists in Canada who are serious!
    I saw a documentary about a year ago about Chechnya and they interviewed former Chechen rebels hiding out in the Middle East who basically stated the ugly truth is that the whole terrorist Chechen rebel network today is a pawn of Putin and Israel. I always have said anybody who puts on a yarmulke/kippah CANNOT BE TRUSTED. I always tell my fellow Americans that the only time I plan on voting in a Federal election again is when I find a decent politician who stands up against Israel/AIPAC/ZOG and refuses to put on the Jew skullcap!