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Thursday, February 10, 2011

White Civilization

The civilized world would not be civilized if not for whites. If we had not come to north America the natives would sill be in he tepee and using bows, we brought social structure, monetary value, better weapons monogamy and many other things that had not been here before now. Africa as a prime example of this, South Africa is civilized, has industry and so on and so forth although there is war and unrest but it is essentially civilized where as North Africa where the white man never seemed to venture there is sill a turd world country living in mud huts using spears and jumping around a fire, it would seem all the turd world countries are low on the civilization factor of the worlds that the white man walks now, mind you the Asian countries of China and Japan have a good civil structure but did this happen before or after they where exposed to the white man? It would also seem all the inventions that are important to the world came from the white man, so in short the white man has civilized the world!

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