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Thursday, February 23, 2017

C.N.F. Membership, Associates and Contact points.

Most members do not want to be known and profiled online and therefore no internet communication about our group or it's members unless approved to, either I direct people their way that iv met or have been vouched for and they choose to call them or they recruit face to face members of quality with guarantees of security and anonymity. Most are regular people that do not want to be associated or just recruit skinhead types into their chapters and others do even though some are skinheads and others do recruit them, just because they don't wear boots and bomber or go to shows doesn't mean they aren't there or aware of you or other groups in their area they choose to avoid it since they are average Joe types or have experienced that part of the movement already and moved in another direction. For that reason there is a sub-group semi-integrated with us called the CNFS (Canadian Nationalist Frontline Security) for more militant white working class types. Our public contact point for the west is in Alberta and that e-mail is on our website. We both confer on the contacts made and who they are if genuine and go from there, we don't just meet people willie nillie off the internet, that would be foolish if you want to maintain security and anonymity for members and associates who wish to be private. Face to face grass roots recruiting is key to achieve a membership of quality and not quantity. We have nothing to prove to people on the internet that we don't know, if your not a member you should know nothing of members, for people's security and anonymity, better that way.


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