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Friday, June 24, 2011

Educating the women of our movement

Are there any young/new women who want to dedicate themselves to learning about our movement? Who want to truly learn about their beliefs and our people? My man and I have been tossing around the idea of trying to get together and basically lend out our hand for skinbyrds and skinheads so that we can teach them not only how to be strong physically but also mentally and spiritually.

We will go over everything you could possibly want to know and learn. A lot will give me a chance as well to learn more and further MY education. We will go over all different types of religions that our people follow, your role in the movement, in a relationship, as a daughter, mother, person in society, boss, etc. Anyone can train their body to become fit and able to fight but if you can't ALSO build up your mind and expand your knowledge then you are an easy target to tear down, your beliefs are easily attacked, and your foundation is faltered- all without your consent.

We see so many young men and women who are strictly dedicated to misplaced hate and violence and we want to see more educated warriors & make no mistake- women are warriors too. I don't know everything and there are many out there who know more than I do but I have been on both sides of this movement- I have been a hooligan, violent, hateful, angry, proud, and strong but it wasn't until I opened myself up to explore opinions, lifestyles, reasons, more history than I could have ever thought of. I was always learning and self educating but it took me reaching out to those more in tune with everything to broaden what I could have sworn I knew everything about.

This won't be anyone shoving things down your throat, or homework assignments you can't finish and then you're kicked out of the group or shunned. You have a life outside of your computer, we just want to help you live it in the best way possible. HEIL SISTERS AND BROTHERS, you ARE superior... You can only get stronger! 88

by Viciouss, WNF supporter, California, USA

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